Quick Law School Update

21 November 2015

I have passed all my exams thus far - much to my surprise! These past exams were the one time I was certain I had failed so it was a big relief!

Hope and Ramble is back online! (for now)

30 September 2015

 Law faculty 
I've had a lot of questions about the whereabouts of Hope and Ramble recently. I took it offline temporarily a while a go as I knew I wouldn't have neither time nor content to update it with. Truth be told, eventually I completely forgot about it... until about a week a go. 

Post Volunteering - Reflecting and Moving Forward

27 April 2015

It's been a while, readers! As promised, I have the photos from the Christmas party we threw for the children of the organisation I volunteered for in Burkina Faso. Finally, a glimpse of the children your donations helped me to support! To read more about the Christmas party click here. I thought I would also write a little about what I gained from my experience and what the future holds for Hope and Ramble too, but it turned out I wrote quite a lot... so I don't blame you if you skip straight to the pictures!

Final Week in Burkina Faso in Photos

11 April 2015

My final week in Burkina Faso was bittersweet. I was looking forward to coming home to fast food, high speed internet and my family. However, I had many hard goodbye's to say to my Burkinabe family, my colleagues and the sun! Here's my how my week went!

Leaving Burkina Faso and Returning to the UK

30 March 2015

Hello everyone! I'm home! I left sunny Burkina on 20th March and landed, dressed completely inappropriately and shivering, at London Heathrow on the 21st. I went through a terribly confusing time during this past week, which I've been told is called "reverse culture shock". Everything from the smoothness of the pavement in the UK to the availability of running water shocked me. Having given myself some time to settle back into my Western lifestyle, I'm ready to blog again! I feel a little bad for neglecting this blog, both in the past week and over the past 3 months. It was so difficult to blog out there... hello again, high-speed broadband (another thing I've had to re-adjust to)! 

Safari in Reserve de Nazinga, Burkina Faso

10 March 2015

I have finally been able to post the safari photos (much to Jammal's delight I am sure)! A couple of weekends a go I went on safari! It was nice to escape the hectic city and have a break from work. I went with 11 other volunteers based in Ouagadougou. We hired two jeeps and travelled down towards Ghana for around 6 hours to reach Reserve de Nazinga in Burkina Faso, one of the largest reserves of elephants in West Africa. 

Photos of Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

4 March 2015

Okay so it suddenly occurred to me today that I haven’t actually posted any pictures of Burkina Faso itself! Luckily, to pass time during car journeys I have been taking photos of the roadside out of the window (when the road isn’t unbearably bumpy). Therefore I have plenty of scenery pictures to share to show you what Burkina looks like! I have some HQ videos of the city but the internet is too slow to upload. Will have to upload once I'm back!

Health Report from Africa

2 March 2015

Quick blog post today on my health! Everyone keeps asking me for work-related pictures and my safari pictures but I am too busy upload them all. To give you an idea - this weekend I worked from 7am - 9pm on Saturday, didn't get home until the early hours of the morning and then left at 5am on Sunday morning to do an awareness raising in a village 3 hours outside the city. Barely enough time to sleep at the moment!